Rail Projects


Project: Archer Daniels Midland Rail Yard Intermodal

Location: Decatur, IL

Customer: Archer Daniels Midland

Engineer/Architect: JSD Professional Services, Inc.

Scope: $8.8 Million Intermodal facility including placement of the subballast, drainage pipe and associated pond grading.



Project: Joliet Bulk Barge and Rail – North Laraway Terminal

Location: Joliet, IL

Customer: Ragnar Benson Construction

Engineer/Architect: HR Green and Engineered Rail Solutions, LLC

Scope: $10.0 Million Intermodal facility including placement of subballast, drainage pipe and associated pad grading.



Project: Centerpoint Intermodal Center North

Location: Joliet, IL

Customer: Centerpoint Properties/FCL Builders

Engineer/Architect: Cowhey Gudmundson Leder

Scope: Railroad Intermodal site mass grading of nearly 2,000,000 CY of material.